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KEBD cares for commercial farmers and property owners in the farming sector by offering professional and knowledgeable legal advice to their esteemed clients!

Our highly experienced team of attorneys have an established reputation in the farming industry and are well-prepared to assist commercial farmers and property owners in the farming sector with a wide range of legal expertise in regard to agriculture.

We strive through our legal expertise to cater for the commercial farmers and land owners in the farming sector by giving them the best and most effective advice in handling all legal aspects in respect of the farming scenario to ensure that our clients maintain security and confidence in our advice and assistance.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we have the necessary comprehension of the agricultural sector, the insight in and to the laws pertaining thereto and we strive to give an innovative perspective in regard to transactions of any nature in the farming sector in a positive manner and structure them effectively, based on the needs of the individual farmer.  We are specifically proud of the high-quality work as well as the broad spectrum of legal issues which we are able to offer our clients, whether it be from a commercial or a family point of view in the farming sector.

Our expertise includes, amongst others, the following:

• Income tax advice and structuring of business models (including follow-up planning)
• Contracts - including but not limited to agreements of sale of property, sale of shares, partnership agreements, contracts with service providers, contracts of insurance, agency contracts, and the like
• Any commercial requirements
• Trusts
• Wills and estate planning
• Game, hunting and firearm regulation issues
• Debt collecting
• Labour law issues
• Ownership and property issues (purchase and sale of commercial farming operations, farms and other properties) - servitudes, encroachments and similar issues
• Water and mineral rights in respect of property
• Third party claims - in particular crop damage and fire damage, (inclusive of advice in respect of the applicable laws governing same), as well as damage resulting from fertiliser use, any form of product liability arising from the Consumer Protection Act
• Dealing with unlawful occupiers as well as eviction of such persons
• Land claims and land grabs
• Sheep lease agreements
• Subdivision of agricultural land
• Shareblocks / Share block schemes


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